Mike Meister

President of DA Max Builders LLC

I owed the IRS over $600,000 and was desperate for help, concerned they would go after my business and house. Wow, you talk about completely understanding how to reduce your tax bill.  The Managing Director of Client Tax Services discussed tax liens and interactions with and priority of claims.  He reviewed the relief from federal tax lien rules with me and he did his magic and the IRS reduced my debt to $130,000.  He went the extra mile explaining to me how he reduced my IRS debt.  I am so grateful to this firm.  They are the best in their trade!


Mike Lanterman

President of Lanterman Insurance

Client Tax Service’s has done a tremendous job for us.  They helped me understand all aspects of my California S Corporation and what it means to our agency.  Their expertise has resulted in us saving money and making sound business investments.  I wish we would have changed to this CPA firm years earlier!


Blake Christian

Tax Partner, HCVT LLP

The managing director at Client Tax Services (CTS) hired our firm to assist with the evaluation of a client’s California Enterprise Zone Credits. CTS proved to be highly skilled, providing quality services and was very helpful in assisting our firm with this complex, multi-year project. With CTS’s help, together we were able to jointly identify millions of supplemental tax savings.


Benny Lee

Vice President, Information Technology – East West Bank

“A firm’s expertise can be differentiated in terms of the following classes: Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and World-Class Guru.

My observation of Client Tax Services practice and understanding of all tax intricacies both from corporate and individual would place this firm in the class of a World-Class Guru.”


George Baker

Senior Vice President at Zions Bank

The Managing Tax Director at Client Tax Services (CTS) was hired because of his outstanding tax expertise. He worked on tax issues related to financial statement documents supporting the company’s submission of its 10-K, 10-Q and other SEC submissions. He was responsible for tax compliance and filings for a multi-billion market cap company. His knowledge of the tax law led to substantial savings for this company. One example was the foreign earnings repatriation strategy–saving $8 million in federal taxes as well as some $2 million in state taxes. He is a master at sorting through details on tax issues and using this skill to reach correct tax applications to the benefit of a company.


Pat Powers

Tax Partner at Baker & McKenzie

The managing director at Client Tax Services identified a difficult and complex tax issue that required resolution. This particular issue was unusual and potentially quite troublesome. Client Tax Services supervised the analysis and resolution of this issue in a very professional manner. Their handling of the issue demonstrated a very good grasp of highly complex legal issues balanced by sound and mature judgment.

A woman working on tax planning

Wesley Wakeford


Client Tax Services advised me on several tax matters. I give them high praise for their knowledge of tax law, for having the highest integrity and for being true professionals.  Client Tax Services includes a very sharp intellectual who is also a very creative professional. If you need tax help, you will not go wrong with Client Tax Services.


Mike Ford

Real Estate Professional

I’ve known the managing director at Client Tax Services for over thirty years and rely on him for rock solid tax and accounting advice and the very latest in clever AND LEGITIMATE solutions to complex situations. I am very comfortable referring him to my associates and friends and know they will receive the same high standard of care he delivers to his national clients, and to me. He never fails to go the extra mile and has always been a proactive part of every situation I have dragged him into. While many firms see clients as mere engagements their style is much more comprehensive and it’s not unusual at all to get an email from this firm at an odd hour addressing the topic we’ve been kicking around. I am confident that they are the best of the best.


Silina Svitlana

Studying to be a Nurse

I have great respect for Client Tax Services. They are personable, trustworthy and frankly brilliant in their field. The tax and accounting experience, knowledge and ethical character are of the highest standards. Their ability to focus on key tax issues that make a difference is rarely seen these days. It is hard to find CPAs who are highly competent, who you can really trust, and who will not over-charge you! Their many strengths include how determined and focused they are in taking care of their client’s tax and accounting problems. Client Tax Services is a polished and experienced tax firm, one whom you can count on to go the extra mile and who will do everything possible to ensure their clients pay the absolute minimal amount of taxes possible. I highly recommend this tax professional firm!


Juan Carlos Villalobos

President at Apex Financial Solutions, LLC

I contacted Client Tax Services to have them prepare the financial statements and tax returns for Apex Financial Solutions, LLC. They did a great job preparing my friend’s tax return, significantly reducing their tax liability. I was impressed on how detailed they were as they looked at all of the tax planning techniques allowed under the tax law. My friends liked that they look at your prior year tax returns to determine if there are any missed tax deductions without any up-front charge and they found a lot of tax savings! With that background I had no issues asking for their assistance on this project. They helped me on issues with the California Residential Mortgage division, the US department of HUD, reviewed my prior year financial statements and tax returns, etc. They identified important issues in the prior and current year tax returns. It is a given that I will continue with their services. They are very accomplished professionals and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Client Tax Services!


Raffaele Mari

Managing Director, Global Wealth Management

The managing director at Client Tax Services is a skilled professional who will exceed your expectations.  You will pay the minimum amount of taxes due if you use this firm.  I highly recommend using Client Tax Services.


Dirk Wierema

Controller – Zetta, Inc.

As the Corporate Controller at Ampro Computers, I hired Client Tax Services to amend years of corporate Federal and State tax returns. While on this project Client Tax Services expertise in Federal and State taxes helped to defer a significant tax liability for our company. Client Tax Services was very easy to work with and took the time to explain complex tax rules in a way that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend Client Tax Services.


Howard Chen

VP, Corporate Development and Strategy at Bank of the West

The managing director at Client Tax Services is a top notch professional who exceeded my expectations.  He is detailed, thorough, skilled, diligent and creative.  You can’t go wrong using this firm.  I highly recommend using Client Tax Services.


Mona Sheung

Manager at FIOH Global Asset Management and Strategies, LLC

The managing director at Client Tax Services is an impressive tax professional who exceeded everyone’s expectations.  He is highly skilled and very creative.  I highly recommend using this firm.


Irina Butorina

Doctor of Medicine

Client Tax Services has been helping me with my taxes since 2010 and I am happy about how effective their solutions are and most important – I am very happy with the money they save me. Their ability to focus on taxes like nobody I have ever seen is actually amazing. They ask a lot of questions and are always looking for ways to lower my taxes. Don’t be surprised to get detailed emails discussing your issues at odd hours of the day or night. They care about their clients and I was amazed at how they came up with tax ideas that work and are legal which is a very important to me. The managing director is friendly and fast thinking and returns your phone call promptly. He is easy to reach and will make sure you pay the least amount of taxes possible. He is a god sent tax geek and I would highly recommend Client Tax Services to anyone of my friends.